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The Lighten Up Francis Award for the Week goes to Keith Olbermann after his lunatic Special Comment re: Hillary Clinton’s comments on why she is staying in the race until June

May 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Well the liberal Obama cultists were out in full force, they decided to take an innocuous remark by Senator Clinton about why she feels a primary lasting until June is not unprecedented and tried to turn it into her secret wish that something tragic might befall Barack Obama. Now the Obama toadies like Jonathan Alter, Douglas Brinkley, Chris Matthews, and Howard Fineman can read candidate’s minds, it was even funny listening to Alter whine that since he now knows that Clinton is only staying in the race in hopes that something bad strikes Obama, why has she put the Democratic party through so much pain the past 8 weeks. I think Alter should follow his namesake and become a priest, get out of politics. It is so obvious when the media tries to take a non story and turn it into World War III.

Yet here is the most obvious point that all of these media robots can’t comprehend. Clinton was talking to the editorial board of a South Dakota newspaper. If the media is so concerned that these comments by Clinton could somehow inspire a whacko to do something bad to Obama, why in the hell did they cover the story as to ensure that the highest percentage of whackos would actually hear the comments. If they had left the story alone, hardly anyone would have heard about them. The answer is because it is a false story, the media knows that a whacko is not going to suddenly wake up after hearing those comments and decide to do something bad to Obama, they want to use the “assassination” word as an excuse to end the Clinton campaign and start the coronation of Saint Barack.

Which leaves us with Keith Olbermann, Christ has anyone seen a more self important blowhard on television than this wannabe Cronkite. Olbermann likes to joke about Nazis but he would fit right in as one of the Reichsfuhrers, when did this asshole determine what words can and cannot be said by Americans.

You know what, just give the nomination to Obama, if I was Clinton I wouldn’t even accept an invitation to be VP, which is the only way Obama has a shot to win, just coronate Obama and wake me up in November, it will be fun watching all of these Obama cultists cry when he wins 12 states and gets blown out “Dukakis style”.

Can anyone take anymore of the mainstream media’s stupidity, do they seriously think anyone buys their bullshit anymore?

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