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John McCain calls Obama’s whacko preacher #2 Pfleger’s comments about Clinton disgraceful but why did he call the following an excellent question: How do we beat the bitch?

May 31st, 2008 · No Comments

John McCain correctly called Obama’s whacko pastor #2 Pfleger’s comments about Hillary Clinton disgraceful:

A. MCCAIN: I — in answer to your second question, honestly I

don’t have enough knowledge of the situation to — that’s a decision

Senator Obama would have to make. But I’ve been in this campaign for

a long time, and I have known Senator Clinton for a long time. I have

always treated her with respect. She is a person that we have very

different positions on a lot of issues and of philosophy, but I

respect her.

And I think that kind of language and that kind of treatment, of

Senator Clinton, is unwarranted, uncalled for and disgraceful.

But I think Senator McCain is being a little disingenuous, now the following comment doesn’t compare to the racist rants of Obama whacko pastor #2 Pfleger but they are still disrespectful:

At the campaign event on Monday, the woman asked McCain, “How do we beat the bitch?”

McCain laughed along with the crowd as he said, “May I give the translation?”

“That’s an excellent question,” he added. “I respect Senator Clinton. I respect anyone who gets the nomination of the Democratic Party.”

The crazy thing about all of this is that Barack Obama is supposed to be this great unifier yet he chose to remain in a church for 20 years that is racist and full of hate without uttering a word, that is until it jeopardized his chances of becoming President. The American people have already made their decision about Obama and the majority have decided he is a phony and thus has no chance of winning the Electoral College.

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