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Breaking News: Barack Obama resigns from Trinity United Church, yet MSNBC and CNN doesn’t cover his press conference

May 31st, 2008 · No Comments

Amazing, amazing, the hilarity of it all. MSNBC goes out of their way to broadcast nearly every Obama rally and speech throughout the campaign, yet for the first time in presidential election history, a major party candidate had to resign from their affiliated church and MSNBC/CNN don’t deem his press conference to announce this newsworthy. MSNBC claims they are the leader in political coverage yet during the Obama press conference they had their non stop weekend true crime documentaries running.

Where do you begin with this disaster of a campaign led by Barack Obama. He begins by admitting that he had to leave the church because he has no control over who speaks there or what is said and it will be falsely attributed to him, of course no questions from the media over his long standing relationship with whacko preacher Pflager and his securing of over 200,000 dollars in earmarks for Pflager’s church. OK, that is not surprising but then Obama tries to state that he is doing the church a favor because of the undue scrutiny they are receiving because of his presidential run. So a reporter asks him, aren’t you going to cause scrutiny to any church you join, what will be the difference. That was perhaps the only probing and smart question of the news conference in South Dakota. Because that is the whole point, the problem is not the media scrutiny of Trinity United Church, the problem is with the Church and Obama’s 20 year long association with it.

Obama acts as if it is a natural thing for a presidential candidate to not want to draw such scrutiny to their respective church, yet why is Barack Obama the only major presidential candidate in history to decide to resign from their official church.

Obama also stated that he did not forsee the controversy that erupted over his church and lead pastor Jeremiah Wright. IF that is true then why did Obama disinvite Wright from his campaign kickoff in March of 2007.

The box that Obama is trying to worm his way out of is impossible to negotiate. When the next whacky sermon emanates from Trinity United over the summer Obama will still have to answer to it, what is he going to say, well I quit the Church, it is all over.

The biggest joke of all is that MSNBC and CNN did not cover this news conference. Only Fox News had live coverage of this ten minute conference, yet MSNBC and CNN had all day coverage of a boring DNC rules committee vote in which the idiot party elders decided to only seat half of the delegates for Florida and Michigan.

This is why Republicans win Presidential elections and Democrats lose. You had a majority of of committee members saying what was fair and not fair but the bottom line is that they disenfranchised millions of voters from Florida and Michigan, that is what will count on Election Day, not the stupid DNC rules. Republicans always look to the bottom line while Democrats fight over technocratic language and minutia. Congratulations John McCain.

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