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The Mike and The Mad Dog Bucket List

June 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Via the second Mike and the Mad Dog Blog Spot

With the end possibly near, we’ve decided to compile The Mike and the Mad Dog Bucket List - all the things we would like to see Mike and Chris do before their show kicks the bucket. Here goes:

- Have Mike do the show open the way Chris does it
- Take a call from Jerome
- Show Mike on YES during the commercials
- Apologize to Tim Russert’s family for trivializing his death
- Ask Michael Strahan to cohost a show
- Let Chris predict the ratings
- Hug
- Do a fist pump at the end of a segment
- Go a week without Jon Heyman
- Invite Phil Mushnick into the studio for some tea
- Take picture in a booth with ‘Mike and Dog - BFFs forever’ written below
- Do a top 10 list of their least favorite guests ever
- Switch seats
- Do an over/Under predicting what age they will die
- Mike does Marquis de Sade wearing crotchless panties
- Sing the Mike and the Mad Dog theme
- Have John Sterling guest host a segment and let him play audio clips of all the incorrect things you have said over the last 19 years
- Treat people like human beings
- Admit that Tampa Bay just might be for real
- Come prepared
- Inform the audience that you are going to resolve your decades long dispute with a game of Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Winner stays at WFAN. Loser is out.
- Have Mike sing ‘If I Only Had a Heart’ from the Wizard of Oz
- Learn how to use the internet
- Mike admits everything he’s been wrong about
- Never talk horse racing again
- Car pool to work everyday and spend the first segment of the show discussing the ride
- Mike and Chris tell the audience that they have cut the caller off but are going to continue talking like he’s still there
- Reveal the special phone number that allows Bruce from Bayside to get on whenever he wants
- Admit that they should never talk about anything outside of sports because they don’t know enough about movies or the news or politics
- Mike eats a salad and drinks a bottle of water while on air
- They do an entire show with Chris sitting on Mikes lap
- Mike admits that Bronson Arroyo is not good

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