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Hillary Clinton Tempts the Political Gods, “No Individual Too Powerful To Jail”, Harkens Back To Richard Nixon’s 1968 Campaign Statement, “No One Is Above The Law, No One Is Below The Law”, Will Hillary Clinton/Gertie Meet the Same Fate as Richard Nixon/Tricky Dick?

January 19th, 2016 · Comments Off

Maybe the old psychological cliche of a criminal secretly wanting to get caught is true or maybe Ms. Hillary Clinton is really so arrogant as to tempt the Political Gods by harkening back to the master of Dirty Tricks Richard M. Nixon when she said that no one was too big to jail:

CLINTON: There’s no daylight on the basic premise that there should be no bank too big to fail, and no individual too powerful to jail.

And in the 1968 Presidential campaign, Richard Nixon said that no one was above the law:

Vice Pres. NIXON: [1968 campaign] This is a nation of laws and as Abraham Lincoln has said, “No one is above the law, no one is below the law,” and we’re going to enforce the law and Americans should remember that if we’re going to have law and order.

We all know what happened to President Richard Nixon, will Hillary Clinton suffer a similar fate?
Hillary Clinton Tempts the Political Gods,

Hillary Clinton Tempts the Political Gods,

And for the video of Richard Nixon’s statement go to minute 4:44 in the video below from the movie, “Above The Law” starring Steven Seagal”

Remember that Richard Nixon’s presidency was not the total disaster painted by your high school history teacher however dirty tricks did plague his administration but the Watergate third rate burglary is candy when compared to the payola and corruption that is rife in The Clinton Foundation slush fund.

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Strategy: If You Win The Lottery And Want to Pressure State Gaming Officials to Remain Anonymous, Tell Them If They Give You a Press Conference You Will Proceed To Deliver an Anti-Lottery PSA Rant Decrying That The Lottery Is A Tax Against the Poor and You Won By Playing only $2 Dollars and that is All Anybody Should Play Weekly.

January 11th, 2016 · Comments Off

If you look at the fine print of the various Lottery player agreements which include Powerball and MegaMillions you give the state the right to include you in a media press conference. However this press conference is not mandatory on the state’s end, they can choose to forgo the press conference.

Why would any Lottery Official decide against holding a press conference to announce your big lottery win? Because you are going to tell them that your press conference will consist of a twenty minute long speech in which you will rail against the unfairness of the lottery, how much of a crime it is that the government taxes about 50 percent of your winnings while in some recent years Apple Computer has payed an effective tax rate of 2 to 5 percent, how an investigation should be run into how much of the money is really ending up in the budgets of your state’s public schools, how the lottery is a scum way for the government to collect a tax on the poor, and on and on and on.

Include the fact that you won the big lottery jackpot with one ticket and no person should play more than one ticket per week.

And if you decide against this tactic answer every question from the media with a yes or no or “none of your business” for the lottery officials can’t dictate how you will answer the questions.

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If ABC’s John Miller Can Interview Osama Bin Laden, Sean Penn Can Interview El Chapo/Guzman, No Journalistic Credentials Required, a Blogger Could Interview Anyone, Test it in the Courts and War69.com will be Proven Correct.

January 10th, 2016 · Comments Off

If a lowly Blogger interviewed El Chapo/Guzman there would be nothing that the Feds could do about it because the First Amendment and legal precedence falls on the side of anybody acting as a journalist when interviewing a terrorist or thug on the run, go try it in the courts and see who loses. Credentials are not needed and although Sean Penn is wrong about Mr. El Chapo, he should not be arrested or savaged by the media dolts and Twitter idiots. El Chapo is nothing but a drug dealing dirtbag, no nuance or complexity needed but Sean Penn is still allowed to interview him despite his romantic notions and pedantic excuses for Chapo’s scumbag ways.

Remember that former ABC correspondent John Miller interviewed Bin Laden. And remember that Sean Penn wrote a series of articles for The San Francisco Chronicle before the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 and one year later following the invasion, which were in fact very well written. In both instances Sean Penn was actually on the ground in Iraq.

Who is more heroic and brave, the Di-Craprio actor who eats Bison Liver and then flies his private jet with his buddy guards to party in St. Barts or the actor who risks his life in Iraq and the mountains of Mexico to report on controversial topics.

One thing is for certain, the Twitter Trolls rank the lowest in terms of bravery and honor.

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Peyton Manning’s Hyperbaric Chamber Excuse Sounds Like Bill Romanowski’s Extreme Vitamin Regimen Cover/Con Job, Anti-Aging Clinics and NFL Icons with Poster Boy Images Never Mix Well.

December 30th, 2015 · Comments Off

Funny to watch NBC and all of the other media NFL apologists rush to condemn any attacks on Peyton Manning, Jim Gray playing his usual role as BS artist in chief, but ultimately anti aging clinics and NFL icon poster boys never mix well & whenever you read about an athlete touting some unique healing or health regimen, remember Lebron James and his No Carb Summer, well just think back to Bill Romanowski and all of his lab tested vitamin pills, remember that suitcase, it was a nice cover/con job to hide his HGH/Anabolic steroids.

But sure, we will believe that Peyton Manning was just at that anti aging clinic to follow in Michael Jackson’s footsteps at that chic hyperbaric chamber.

Hyperbaric chambers, No Carb Summers, Lab Tested Vitamin Regimens, great code words.

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Commenter Joe Dick Nails Why Bison Liver Hollywood Faker Leonardo DiCaprio/DiCRAPrio Needs to be the Dancing Bear & Not The Climate Change Hustler, Bear Rape Notwithstanding, We Pay Leo To Dance Not Preach & Eating Bison Liver Does Not Change Him From Effete & Pampered & Prissy Superficial Actor.

December 26th, 2015 · Comments Off

When is Leonardo DiCaprio going to learn we pay him to act and not to preach and like every other A-List Hollywood actor who hangs with a sycophantic posse; a lesson needs to be taught to him, eating Bison Liver does not remove your effete and pampered and azz kissed persona, you are still an actor with limited knowledge of the world, without the script and glitz, there is not much there, don’t try to propagandize away your superficiality, dance with it and celebrate how in America you can be paid millions for reading lines written by others.

Anyway, Internet Commenter Joe Dick nails down Leonardo DiCaprio/DiCRAPrio better than any Hollywood journalist:

Joe Dick, “When are these Hollywood types going to get it? We pay them to be the “dancing bears”, to take our minds off of our daily troubles, perhaps inspire us to be better as individuals or have the strength to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. They should stick to their craft, rather than use their popularity as a bully pulpit. Why can’t they all be like Greta Garbo, and “vant” to be alone with their hundreds of millions? Or contribute to the future, as Hedy Lamarr did in inventing what we call “spread spectrum” to help win WWII and went on to make every cell phone work? Hey Leo, get as creative as your character in “Catch Me if You Can” and actually contribute instead of being a thief like your character was, and you are today. Can’t get there? Then dance, dancing bear, dance, and enjoy the money, and shut the heck up!” :-)

Leonardo DiCaprio should take another lesson from Anthony Hopkins, an actor who unlike Leo is superb in almost every role while Leo is good in about 1/4 of his movies:

Reporter: It’s interesting you mentioning Spencer Tracy because you’ve always reminded me of him stylistically. You’re definitely an actor for whom less is more.

(laughs) Anthony Hopkins: Yes, I suppose so. I’ve always admired Tracy, very much. There’s no bullshit about him. He just gets up and does it. I’ve got no problem if people want to spend hours beforehand preparing before they come on-set, as long as they don’t keep you waiting. And I’ve read Stanislavski and did the Method myself, and all that, but now I’ve simplified it: learn your lines, show up, and get on with it. I think that’s what Tracy did, as well. I just saw a marvelous documentary about Dean Martin a few weeks ago. His widow was talking, and she said “Dino loved movies. He loved acting, but he never took it seriously.” And Dean Martin was very good, as was Frank Sinatra and all those guys. All those guys, they didn’t try to be Marlon Brando. They just did what they did. There’s another great story that Martin’s widow told: during the filming of Airport (1970), Dino was doing this scene and the actress playing opposite him was sitting in the corner, being very Method about it, keeping everyone waiting. Finally, Dino walks over to her and says “Honey, neither of us is going to win an Oscar for this, let’s just do the scene so we can go home.” (laughs) That sums it up for me. Get on with it. Do it. You don’t need all this bullshit. Either you can do it, or you can’t.

Forget the Bison Liver and Pretentious Affectations, Just read your lines and go back to the endless parade of Yes Buddies.

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Forbes.Com Bans Ad Blockers, Bye-Bye Forbes.Com: The Biggest & Most Shoddy Click Baiters on The Internet.

December 19th, 2015 · Comments Off

These companies need to learn there are only about five to ten websites that the average person depends on in the internet realm, rest assured Forbes.com is not one of them and is one of the worst offenders of the click baiting internet culture and has some of the laziest and disingenuous journalists on the planet.

Prime example of a horrible journalist, Mike Ozanian, a so called business writer who reports that stocks go down when investors are happy and also calls himself someone who reports on business in the world of sports yet he does not understand how sports contracts work, oh and of course he predicted that Carmelo Anthony would leave the Knicks.

Prediction: Forbes.com’s internet readership will crumble and they will lift the ban on Ad Blockers but even though there are one or two decent journalists still left in that click baiting paradise, we will not return.

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Strategy for Jeb Bush To Defeat Donald Trump, Challenge Trump to a One on One Debate, all Proceeds Go to Charity, New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, Nevada Bush vs. Trump/Jeb vs. Donald.

December 11th, 2015 · Comments Off

Donald Trump’s strategy has been to win every news cycle and in his unique case winning means positive or negative coverage followed by a barrage of interviews. If any Republican candidate is going to defeat Trump and win the Republican nomination they must intrude on that space, they need to enter that news cycle and try to steal it with innovative methods.

For Jeb Bush he needs to get into this fight in a big way and the only way is to take on Trump, man vs. man in a struggle for ideas. If Bush challenges Trump to a one on one personal debate in Las Vegas Nevada on New Year’s Eve, the conversation is changed. All proceeds will be split down the middle to each candidate’s charity of choice. Each candidate can choose one moderator, the network that covers it will choose a third moderator. Trump will have to show up or his tough guy image will be forever shattered and Jeb Bush can constantly needle Trump through the media by asking why Trump will not show up to Vegas.

This idea is open for any Republican candidate to seize but please credit War69.com for its invention. If a candidate wants their ideas to be the central plank of the Republican party they need to be willing to fight for them with intelligence and charisma.

UPDATE 12/28/2015: After War69.com emailed the Jeb Bush campaign, two weeks later Jeb Bush issued a one on one debate challenge to Donald Trump, yet Bush never credited War69.com, not cool:

Speaking at a forum in Palm Beach on Monday, former Florida governor Jeb Bush challenged GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to debate him one-on-one, “any time, any place.”

Asked by the event moderator what he would say if Trump walked into the room right at that moment, Jeb responded: “Donald, I’ll take you on one-on-one in a debate, any time, any place. You name it and I’ll do it.”

OK, obviously Jeb Bush could have thought of this on his own but we are still available for political consultations if you want to win this nomination.

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If The DC/NY Elite Political Media is so Offended & Disgusted by Donald Trump’s Anti Muslim Paranoia/Rhetoric Stop Covering Him, Stop Interviewing Him, Stop Giving Him Free Media Coverage, But They Won’t Because All they Care About is Money and Ratings.

December 9th, 2015 · Comments Off

The phony political media is at it again, they are so offended and chastened by Donald Trump’s anti Muslim rhetoric but let us be reminded that Donald Trump has not spent a dime on political TV ads, why? Because the media has fueled his campaign with interview after interview and endless coverage for one reason only, the ratings.

If you really believe Donald Trump is the second coming of Joe McCarthy then stop covering him, dare him to actually spend his own money on this campaign, if he does, great, then you might call him a serious candidate but I don’t think Trump is willing to spend any of his own money beyond the money for traveling and personal security.

Joe and Mika, the bobblehead dolls of hypocrisy are so offended and put off by Donald Trump but guess what, Mika has an announcement, at 7:30 AM we will have Donald Trump on the phone for an interview where Mika will give her own Megyn Kelly version of the dottering doe eyes and chastise Trump for not being helpful & Joe will prattle and drone on about the Constitution but he won’t really challenge Trump, wait a second, did Joe suddenly find his spine, did he just threaten Trump to end the interview, one commercial later, nope, Trump is back to continue this faux media dance. Trump says something that is either untrue/outrageous/offensive or some combination, the media condemns him, the media proceeds to book him for interviews on every single network and time slot.

A complete con job and you wonder why the last two Presidents were GW Bush and BH Obama. A Frick and Frack job created by a compliant media. Since they are all part of the clown show we might as well elect……Eh, whatever.

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French Prime Minister Manuel Valls Condemns Donald Trump but He Voted For the French Suspension of Civil Liberties in response to Paris Attacks, Hypocrisy Abounds.

December 8th, 2015 · Comments Off

It turns out that politicians all around the world are hypocrites as the French Prime Minister criticizes Donald Trump for his call to ban foreign Muslims from entering the U.S. when Mr. Valls voted to suspend these French civil liberties:

Expanded powers to immediately place under house arrest any person if there are “serious reasons to think their behaviour is a threat to security or public order”.

More scope to dissolve groups or associations that participate in, facilitate or incite acts that are a threat to public order. Members of these groups can be placed under house arrest.
Extended ability to carry out searches without warrants and to copy data from any system found. MPs, lawyers, magistrates and journalists will be exempt.
Increased capacity to block websites that “encourage” terrorism.

The move was approved by a vote of 551-6 with 6 abstentions, and a recent poll indicates “84 percent of the French people (are) willing to give up some freedoms to guarantee their security.”

Here is what the hypocritical Valls said:

Addressing parliament before the vote, the prime minister, Manuel Valls, said the increased security measures were the sign of France’s strength. “It’s the efficient response of a democracy, a free country,” he said adding that other liberties could be temporarily limited. He continued: “We’re at war.”

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Mike and The Mad Dog Reunion Radio City Tickets are still Available

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Make sure you donate.

Mike and The Mad Dog Reunion Radio City Tickets are still Available

Mike and The Mad Dog Reunion Radio City Tickets are still Available

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