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No Surprise That Sell Out Geraldo Rivera is Pimping Trump & Roger Stone’s Dirty Work, Geraldo Was Stone’s Shill in 2008 When Roger Stone Tried to Smear Michelle Obama With Fake “Whitey” Video

March 26th, 2016 · Comments Off

Ted Cruz should should cut an ad detailing the sleaze buckets that Trump takes advice from, Roger Stone likes spreading false rumors about Presidential candidates and their wives, check the 1988 Kitty Dukakis smears and in 2008 he collaborated with Geraldo Rivera to peddle the garbage that there was a video of Michelle Obama railing against white people, no surprise that Geraldo is doing Trump/Stone’s bidding on Fox News with this phony National Enquirer Ted Cruz Story.

Here is the utlimate liar, Roger Stone, admitting his Geraldo associated slime:

Is Senator Obama engaging in the old politics of ?smear and distortion?? Senator Barack Obama?s new web venture ?Fight the Smears? has posted a direct quote from me on their site that a simple review of the video or transcripts demonstrates was manufactured. It?s a technique Nixon use to use ? take words from two different quotes and fuse them into one changing the meaning. Shame on the shining Knight of the new politics. Shouldn?t the Obama campaign be more responsible? They are free to criticize me but in doing so, they should quote me accurately. The website quotes me a saying I had ?credible evidence that some indelible record exists? of a tape of Michelle Obama using the term ?whitey.? In fact the transcript from Geraldo Rivera, ?GERALDO AT LARGE,? on FOX shows that I said ?there’s a buzz, which I believe now to be credible, that some indelible record exists? of a tape of Michelle Obama using the term ?whitey.? I never used the expression ?credible evidence.? I clearly gave my opinion that the tape existed and did not claim that I had seen it. You can go here to see what was posted on STONEzone.com in ‘Michelle Obama Hit Next?’ - See more at: http://www.stonezone.com/article.php?id=95#sthash.bBF82NQg.dpuf

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Geraldo Rivera Perhaps The Dumbest Man on Television Sells His Soul To Further Kiss Trump’s Azz, Says “The National Enquirer Is More Often Right Than They Are Wrong, Otherwise They Wouldn’t Be a National Enquirer.”

March 26th, 2016 · Comments Off

Geraldo Rivera Perhaps The Dumbest Man on Television Sells His Soul To Further Kiss Trump’s Azz, Says “The National Enquirer Is More Often Right Than They Are Wrong, Otherwise They Wouldn’t Be a National Enquirer.”

Geraldo Rivera Perhaps The Dumbest Man on Television Sells His Soul To Further Lick Trump's Azz, Says

Geraldo Rivera Perhaps The Dumbest Man on Television Sells His Soul To Further Lick Trump's Azz, Says

Geraldo Rivera Perhaps The Dumbest Man on Television Sells His Soul To Further Kiss Trump's Azz, Says

Geraldo Rivera Perhaps The Dumbest Man on Television Sells His Soul To Further Lick Trump's Azz, Says

Geraldo Rivera Perhaps The Dumbest Man on Television Sells His Soul To Further Kiss Trump's Azz, Says

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Mark Halperin & John Heilemann Let Trump Get Away With Possible Hoax/Urban Legend General Pershing/Pig’s Blood Story.

March 24th, 2016 · Comments Off

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann generally do a great job of covering politics despite their leftward leanings and their “With All Due Respect” show is very well done but you get the sense that they go easy on all of the candidates so that they can get access for their insider/tell all book on the Presidential election which they write every four years.

The recent Washington Post editorial board interview of Trump is proof that the media has not been doing their job as the tough questions on foreign policy revealed Trump to be a babbling and incoherent mess, basically the male version of Sarah Palin but what made this interview difficult for Trump was that the Post writers kept pressing Trump on every answer and so how in God’s name could Halperin/Heilemann allow Trump to repeat this General Pershing story which is quite possibly false and even if true very definitely extremely offensive to many Muslims. And beyond all of that even if the story was true, Trump’s assertion that the violence ended because of this action is completely false, the violence continued for many years and a real journalist would have asked Trump what his 2016 equivalent would be to garner respect from the Muslims, a tactical nuke?

Question: What is the Trump plan long term to try to make the relationship with the Muslim world and the Western world better?

Trump: First of all they have to respect us…And respect us…I tell the story of General Pershing in 1918 where there were problems where they had radical Islamic terrorism, OK in 1918, in the Philippines and it is a well known story and I’m not going to go through the whole process…And he was unbelievably harsh, I think you know the story and they didn’t have the problem for twenty-eight years.

Mark Halperin: So one element would be to have the Muslim world respect the West more.

What a horrible follow up, if every journalist asked questions and pressed Trump on his non answers like the Washington Post editorial board did the other day, this buffoon would have been completely unmasked months ago.

Oh and zero questions from Halperin/Heilemann about why Trump has not spoken to his so called foreign policy advisors.

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Source Tells War69.com Donald Trump’s Nickname for Hillary Clinton to be “Hillary The Hack” based on her hacking cough, Trump’s nickname should be Con Man Don.

March 20th, 2016 · Comments Off

Source Tells War69.com Donald Trump’s Nickname for Hillary Clinton to be “Hillary The Hack” based on her hacking cough, Trump’s nickname should be Con Man Don.

Bill O’Reilly’s last interview with Con Man Don Trump consisted of ten minutes of Bill providing campaign advice, imploring Donny to modulate his tone, after the commercial break O’Reilly decided to give Trumpy grade school questions, you know, what is your favorite color, a/b/c/d, etc. He asked Donald Trump to give Bill his impression of the great Presidents in history.

Bill-o’s reputation is growing smaller by the day while Megyn Kelly’s journalistic integrity is increasing.

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Sean Hannity Repeats False Urban Legend Donald Trump Good Samaritan Story AKA The Grateful Millionaire.

March 14th, 2016 · Comments Off

Who was that sell out conservative radio host, you know the one with the slush fund he keeps on his website to solicit donations for all of his legal troubles, yeah, the one that pimped his race war book on the nutbag Alex Jones website, that’s right, Michael Savage, yes, he got one thing right when he called Sean Hannity - Lou Costello, why does Hannity come across as some smarmy weasel double talking punk.

Anyway the idiotic Hannity either fell for The Grateful Millionaire Donald Trump Urban Legend or he deliberately lied about it so that he could inflate the phony Christian image of his new idol Donald Trump:

Origins: Breaking in February 1996 and reputed to have come from Trump’s people, the following tale found its way into the media:

This may well be the public relations gesture of the year. During the 1995 Christmas holidays, Donald Trump and Marla Maples find themselves marooned in their stretch limo with a flat tire on a busy stretch of New Jersey highway. Finally, a passing motorist spots the limo in distress and offers to help the chauffeur change the tire. Driver says, sure. Before the re-tired limo rolls off, the darkened window rolls down and an effusive Trump asks what he and his wife can do to repay the favor. Just send my wife a big bouquet of flowers, says the guy, handing Trump a card with his wife’s name and their address. Two weeks later a gargantuan bouquet of orchids arrives with a card reading, “We paid off your home mortgage, Marla and Donald.” The Trumps flackery won’t reveal the lucky chap’s name, but Informer hears Trump forked over more than $100,000 for the gesture.

Eyebrows should be raised by this tale: It is a recognized urban legend told about many other celebrities. Casting doubt on the notion that it subsequently became true is the lack of checkable details provided by Trump’s people.

The Trumps flackery won’t reveal the lucky chap’s name, but Informer hears Trump forked over more than $100,000 for the gesture.

And now you can add Howie/Howard Kurtz to the large percentage of Fox News hosts that have become Trump shills, his interview yesterday was an abomination, sources tell War69.com that Trump forbade Kurtz from asking about the Michelle Fields alleged assault by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewenduski/Lewendowski, anyway Kurtz did not ask one tough question and he pulled an old Hannity trick, asking a question and then providing cover and a built in excuse for Trump before he could answer.

These fracking shills are a menace to society.

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Miami Debate Trump Calls Rally Protesters, “Bad Dudes”, Rivals Don’t Call Him Out, These are Peaceful Protesters Exercising Their Freedom of Speech, Goes Back to Trump Backing Communist China in the Killing of the Tiananmen Square Protesters & Trump’s Threat to Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos, “they are going to have such Problems”.

March 11th, 2016 · Comments Off

How can Cruz/Rubio miss such a moment in the Miami Republican Debate, Trump calls the Trump Rally protesters “bad dudes” when they are exercising their freedom of speech which hearkens back to Trump’s statements about the Communist Chinese government’s killing of Tiananmen Square protesters, Trump stated that China “almost blew it” but they “put it down with strength, which “shows you the power of strength” and that America is perceived “as weak”.

And this follows a line of Trump thinking, just recall that he warned Amazon and their CEO Jeff Bezos who also owns the Washington Post, Trump said that when he is elected President, Amazon/Jeff Bezos are “going to have such problems”.

It is obvious why some people see many fascistic tendencies in some of Trump’s rhetoric.

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Sean Hannity Hosted a Town Hall with Donald Trump, Actually it was a Trump Rally, Hannity Tells Trump the Democrats Will you try to Paint you as Racist but Youtube reveals Hannity did that very thing to Obama in 2008, Hannity whines and cries that Trump disavowed the KKK but Obama’s repudiation of Farrakhan was not enough for Hannity.

March 10th, 2016 · Comments Off

Poor Sean Hannity, it turns out that he is a phony conservative, all of those years blabbering about limited government were a farce as he kisses up to Donald Trump, the man who embodies a government solution for every problem he rants about, little boy Sean just wants to be the best friend of the High School rich bully, he whines to Trump about how the GOP establishment is trying to paint Trump as a racist but Hannity did the exact same thing to Obama in 2008. Sean repeats “Trump disavowed” over and over again but Obama’s repudiation of Farrakhan was not enough for Hannity in 2008.

If you watch this Youtube it becomes apparent that Hannity is one dumb mofo, at one point he says, “but Obama’s reaction to the march gets even more shocking”, before Hannity utters this he displayed a quote in which Obama states that the Million Man March was not a positive change agent for the African-American community, after Hannity speaks of “more shocking” Obama states that the African-American community must not embrace anti-Semitic rhetoric and speaks of the need for positive change.

What in the hell is shocking about a man advocating for positive and non violent change and being critical of the Million Man March? Obama’s statements totally rebut Hannity’s desperate try to link Obama with Farrakhan and yet Hannity displays the quotes as if it somehow affirms his argument.

Sean Hannity would be perfect as Donald Trump’s Presidential Press Secretary or the Bullshit artist-in-chief.

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Here are the Tough Questions Joe Scarborough Asks Donald Trump on his daily morning infomercial phone call. 3/9/2016.

March 9th, 2016 · Comments Off

1. Joe: Why did you decide to bring out all of your products last night? (Nobody asked Trump if those products were fake and real.)

No fact checking on the airline sale.

Mika thinks it was smart.

2. Mika: Would you ever consider Rubio as your running mate?

Joe asks the same question. And asks this boring question again and again and again.

3. Joe: What is your take on Romney/GOP hammering you, what impact did it have on your results last night? (Apparently Joe needs Trump to restate that he won last night in MI/MS.)

4. Bob Woodward: How are you going to build your Mexican border wall? (Horrible question, he has never answered this question and he never will but at least the question is substantive unlike the Joe and Mika azz kissing questions.)

But this question is perfect because Trump has been asked this one thousand times and it gives him one more chance to spout out his talking points.

OK, good follow up question, if Mexico does not pay for the wall would you be willing to go to war with Mexico to force them to pay for it, of course Trump doesn’t answer the question. Because Woodward kept attacking the question from different angles, it exposed Trump for the empty suit that he is, so all in all it was not a horrible question.

5. Katty Kay or Catty Cay asks another boring process question of how will Trump gain women voters?

Still nobody asking about Trump’s lie that he employs people in Hawaii, he licensed his name to the Trump Hotel in Hawaii.

6. Bob Costa asks how much Trump would push Paul Ryan’s House agenda?

Morning Joe allows Trump to once again say Lying Ted without calling Trump on his myriad of lies.

Donald Trump is taking the crazy pills as he states he will win New York in a general election.

7. Cokie Roberts asks a good question about some of Trump’s hateful rhetoric causing disunity in the country.

And of course Trump calls it a nasty question. And now Trump’s people pull him off the phone because of that last question and because he is a pseudo tough guy.

But Joe finishes with another nonsense question about how Trump thinks he will do in the next big winner take all states. Joe salutes Trump for not being afraid to take his kiss azz questions.

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Question for Morning Joe Scarborough, When is the Last Time You had a Non Elite/Real Middle Class American Guest on your Show?

March 9th, 2016 · Comments Off

You have to love the Mourning, Carping, Droning, Self-Involved, Full of Crapola Joe show discussing the DC Elites and why Trump is resonating with the working class and how everybody has this wrong and on and on when every single guest on this show is part of the revolving money/graft door in DC, they even had Donald Rumsfeld pimping a Churchill Solitaire app (which he did not invent) a few months back, do you ever think Morning Joe will put an anonymous middle class American (who truly invented an app) on his show once a week, once a month, or once a year or ever?

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Jeremy Diamond Was the Only Reporter To Ask Trump a Tough Question in Trump Press Conference Following MS/MI Republican Primary Win.

March 9th, 2016 · Comments Off

Only one reporter in the Trump Press Conference asked a tough question, that was Jeremy Diamond of CNN, of course the vitamin salesman Trump deliberately turned off the reporter’s mics so that nobody could hear their questions:

My question to Trump was simple: What do you say to American consumers who could see the prices of many products increase dramatically /4

Jeremy Diamond ‏@JDiamond1 4h4 hours ago
His call for imposing higher tariffs on countries like China & Mexico would likely result in a spike in prices of many consumer goods /3

Jeremy Diamond ‏@JDiamond1 4h4 hours ago Jupiter, FL
For those who want to listen, I asked Trump a policy question about how his trade policies would affect the American consumer… /2

Jeremy Diamond ‏@JDiamond1 4h4 hours ago Jupiter, FL
For those wondering tonight, yes, I was the one who asked @realDonaldTrump a question tonight & was told that nobody listens to me…/1

If Joe Scarborough had any dignity left he would hang up on Donald Trump every single time Trump refuses to answer his question but MSNBC will not allow Joe the freedom to run his show, he is not allowed to hang up on Trump or keep him off the air for not answering questions, oh sure Joe hung up on him once and then immediately put him back on the air after one commercial.

There is a part of War69.com that would like to see Trump win the nomination so we can laugh in November when Hillary Clinton wins over 400 electoral votes, funny how Sean Hannity cried in 2008 that it was the death of the media when in 2016 he kisses Trump’s azz every chance he gets.

So far Mark Levin and Glenn Beck are the only two conservative talk radio shows hosts who are offering up criticism of Trump, yes Beck is a Cruz supporter but Levin has not endorsed a candidate.

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