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Question for Obama Administration on ISIS and our “Progress”?

February 3rd, 2015 · Comments Off

Can somebody in the media ask the Obama administration for some sort of specific information that would indicate progress in the fight against ISIS, have they lost territory in Iraq, in Syria, how many sorties per day are being conducted against ISIS targets?

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Why is Sean Hannity Promoting the Quack/Fraud Dr. Eric Braverman?

February 2nd, 2015 · Comments Off

Mr. Sean Hannity is doing his viewers a major disservice by promoting and allowing Dr. Eric Braverman to grace the Fox News airwaves but one only needs to listen to the good doctor’s words to understand the snake oil foundation of what he sells and pimps:

Dr. Eric Braverman, “People are over relying on the vaccines to prevent diseases, people need a universal vaccine and adaptation where we get down from thirty three vaccines to one.”

A universal vaccine, that’s rich, coming soon on WABC radio, Dr. Eric Braverman will promise to restore your brain, body, and soul with his new PATH medical treatment universal vaccine, oh and of course it will restore your sexual health and prevent dementia and alzheimers.

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Saudi Arabian Princes Did Not Even Look at Michelle Obama’s Eyes, Complete Contempt & Disrespect.

January 28th, 2015 · Comments Off

99 Percent of the Saudi Arabian princes refused to shake Michelle Obama’s hand, in addition they refused to look into her eyes, that is full disrespect for America’s First Lady, is this not the perfect encapsulation of the anti women ethos in that region?

However War69.com believes Michelle Obama is smart, she went to the King’s funeral knowing she would receive this reception and it would shine a light on the low status women have in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabian Princes Did Not Even Look at Michelle Obama's Eyes, Complete Contempt & Disprespect.

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If Saudi Arabia Is Waging Economic Warfare By Increasing Oil Supply, Can the Media Get the Obama Administration on the record & Ask One Question?

January 14th, 2015 · Comments Off

Analysts that make real money on commodities claim that Saudi Arabia is increasing oil supplies in order to hurt American companies that are exploring or fracking for natural gas/oil in America.

Political experts that make real money studying politics and world affairs claim Saudi Arabia is also using oil to punish countries like Iran and Russia.

Economic experts state that lower oil prices help middle class Americans but harm many American companies that have an international profile.

But what does President Obama think, what is the Obama administration’s official position? We don’t know because the media experts refuse to ask President Obama if he believes Saudi Arabia is waging economic warfare through oil and if he supports it or is against it or just doesn’t give a flip anymore.

Can somebody please ask the question……

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Mark Levin Calls on NY Times & Media to Publish Charlie Hebdo Political Cartoons That Mock Islam But Mark Levin’s Official Website Has Zero Such Cartoons.

January 9th, 2015 · Comments Off

Why is Mark Levin yelling and screaming, calling the NY Times gutless for not publishing any of the Charlie Hebdo political cartoons that mock Islam, challenging all of the newspapers and mainstream media across the country to print the cartoons, yet Mark Levin’s official website is empty, no Charlie Hebdo political cartoons on Mark Levin’s official website, empty words, empty rhetoric, double standards???

Questions abound. Courage, bravery, stupidity, hypocrisy, many available words, choose wisely.

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Amazon’s poor Search Menu Bar; Why Does Amazon.com Show Old Products When Searching For A Specific Item?

January 6th, 2015 · Comments Off

Amazon.com will you please update your products to the latest ones when a customer is searching for a particular item. Try any item: tv, remote control, car stereo; it does not matter, invariably 4 or more items out of the first 10 will be products that are two to five years old.

Why has not Amazon figured out that a consumer looking for a new product like a laptop, wants to see the latest ones made, at least have a menu button option that will perform this action. The “New and Popular” Menu option does not solve this problem.

Search “laptop” in the computers section and the fifth computer displayed is an Apple Ibook g4 which is over 10 years old.

Add “new and popular” to that “laptop” search and the first 7 items will not be laptops but items like a Kindle Fire, Playstation 4, Chromecast.

Amazon.com’s search function is beyond subpar and yet their entire business model is predicated on the consumer finding what they want online through their search bar.

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If The Apple Garage Origin Story is a Myth, Does That Make Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs Biography a Myth?

January 3rd, 2015 · Comments Off

Steve Wozniak recently revealed that the Apple garage origin story is a myth. If Wozniak is telling the truth and by all accounts of Apple insiders, he comes across as an honorable person, one has to question if Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” biography is a myth considering how much he leans on this garage origin story.

Did Isaacson do a lazy job of researching, were his interviews superficial, did he rely too much on past Apple and Steve Jobs biographies?

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Kindle Voyage Screen Problems Yellow on Top, Blue on Bottom, Tech Media Ignores, Arrogant Amazon Refuses to Comment.

January 3rd, 2015 · Comments Off

Kindle Voyage Screen Problems, Yellow on Top, Blue on Bottom, Tech Media Ignores, Arrogant Amazon Refuses to Comment.

The Engadget and Techcrunches of the world are worthless because they offer propaganda for the large tech companies. ReCode, NY Times, WSJ, it does not matter, no tech blogs are reporting the massive number of Amazon customers who are returning their Kindle Voyages multiple times because of problem screens and lighting issues.

War69.com is the only blog reporting this and Amazon refuses to answer our repeated requests for a comment.

Check back as we will be testing and reviewing a Kindle Voyage to see if spending over $200 for an e-ink reader is worth it and if we have the same screen issues.

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Is CNBC’s Shark Tank a Fraud? This Entrepreneur Never Received The Promised Money, The Shark Stiffed Her.

December 26th, 2014 · Comments Off

If you watch CNBC’s Shark Tank for a few episodes and you hear the botox laden Mark Cuban repeat for the tenth time “good for you”, questions begin to loom if any of this is real, remember this is CNBC, the land of the stock shills, bullshit personalities, and free CEO business promotion, where a CEO can say just about anything and the CNBC reporter will fail to challenge him or her.

In addition even if the Sharks actually invest real money in the start up ideas that appear on the show, it is rigged, there is little risk, the publicity from the show alone will result in mega sales.

But in this case, The Shark Stiffed The Entrepreneur.

Until CNBC provides the actual financial evidence of every promise, every Shark investment, every outcome, we have to assume that every Shark Tank Nation episode is pure fiction.

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Question for Sony, Has North Korea Ever Committed An Act of Terrorism In a Western Country?

December 19th, 2014 · Comments Off

The real question for Sony and the news media is has North Korea ever committed an act of terrorism in a western nation? War69.com can’t find one single instance of a North Korean state sponsored violent terrorist act in America, Europe or anyplace outside of the Far East. None of the talking heads have discussed this aspect of the Sony/North Korea hacking scandal, no national security expert has revealed if they believe that North Korea has the foreign agents and network necessary to commit an act of terrorism in the United States.

Why has not one Obama administration official addressed whether they believe this violent movie theater threat is credible? Does any intelligence agency in the U.S. government believe that there is chatter or other evidence of an active North Korean violent terroristic plot against the United States?

In fact once the hackers invoked September 11th in their movie theater threat, one had to believe that the threat was empty, using that date exposed their weakness, a true national security expert should understand this.

Memo to Sony, vis a vis the violence theater threat, you got played. Release the movie and gain some dignity.

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