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The Media Needs To Ask Hillary Clinton For An Independent Audit of The Clinton Foundation/Global Initiative, What Percentage of Donated Dollars Goes to Actual Charity Work.

April 27th, 2015 · Comments Off

An independent auditor for the Hillary/Bill Clinton run charity, will the media please continue to ask Hillary how many donated dollars go to actual charity work, a simple question, don’t stop until Hillary Clinton answers the question and can prove it with an independent audit of the Clinton Foundation/Global whatever.

The bottom line is that this potential Clinton Charity-Gate scandal will not end her nomination, it is only an opening for a skilled Republican candidate to keep her on the defensive with simple questions for the entire campaign.

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Mike Francesa’s Mongo Nation & FrancesaCon Explained

April 23rd, 2015 · Comments Off

Mike Francesa’s Mongo Nation is overrated and consists of a smattering of Twitter Users and a rotating crew of 500 drunk wannabe frat men that celebrate anything Con, Francesa Con, Santa Con etc.

Mongo Nation Equals:

50 to 200 Twitter users.

500 to 1000 beer drinkers that show up once a year to Francesa Con.

The original definition of a Mongo was an idiot who called the Mike Francesa show and talked like a Mongrel, dweeb, Joe Benigno like sports fan with no life, made dumb points, overly praised Mike, basically Mike from Montclair.

They were dubbed Mongo callers.

Mongo nation took this pejorative and used it as a source of pride to mark their devotion to the show or devotion to drinking much in the way wannabe frat men dress up as Santa every year to get drunk at Santa Con.

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Bill O’Reilly Does Not Know Who Milton Friedman Is, Harvard Graduate? Real/Fake Author? Proof Bill O’Reilly Does Not Read The News Material He Discusses, Re: Mark Bittman 100% Wealth Tax Idea

April 4th, 2015 · Comments Off

Does Bill O’Reilly actually read the editorials and newspaper articles he discusses on his O’Reilly Factor? The jury is still out on whether Bill O’Reilly writes one actual word in his best selling “Killing” books series.

But on a recent O’Reilly Factor show in which Alan Colmes debated Bill O’Reilly about a NY Times Mark Bittman editorial, did O’Reilly offer up some proof that he does not read the material he discusses on his show?

More importantly how does a Harvard graduate not know who Milton Friedman is? Anyway in this discussion about guaranteed incomes for the poor, Alan Colmes mentioned the names of a few conservatives who have proposed such a thing including Milton Friedman and his championing of the negative income tax idea.

This was Bill O’Reilly’s response:

Bill O’Reilly, “I don’t know any of them.”

Milton Friedman is one of the most influential conservative economists of the 20th century and O’Reilly never heard of him. But if Bill had read the editorial that he was offering an opinion on he clearly would have read this:

Those unable to get those jobs — and, given that one in six Americans qualifies for food stamps, it’s clear that there isn’t enough good work to go around — can survive only if income distribution is addressed. One way to do this is through the earned-income tax credit, a kind of reverse income tax, similar to Milton Friedman’s proposal and therefore acceptable to many Republicans.

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If The Holy Spirit (God/O’Reilly’s Agent) Really Directed Bill O’Reilly to Write “Killing Jesus”, Why Did Bill O’Reilly Not Donate 100 percent of his Profits To Christian Charities?

March 31st, 2015 · Comments Off

1 million, 5 million, 10 million dollars, Bill O’Reilly clearly makes millions of dollars from his “Killing” book series, nothing wrong with that, there is something wrong with claiming that the Holy Spirit inspired you to write “Killing Jesus” because as O’Reilly puts it, God has blessed him with writing and bloviating skills and chose him as a vessel to put out God’s truth, maybe but would God do that to personally enrich a man whose net worth is between 25 and 100 million dollars, logic says no.

Logic and the truth is that Bill O’Reilly’s agent directed him to make such a holy claim to generate interest and book sales. You see in the book industry you need some buzz and hype when you go out to promote the book. Since O’Reilly’s book did not offer anything diffferent than the Holy Bible he needed to invent some touched by God nonsense.

Unless Bill O’Reilly wants to reverse course and offer 100 percent of his “Killing Jesus” book and television profits to charity, logic dictates that it takes someone like Bill with a God complex to claim direct contact with the Father Almighty.

Besides would God not direct Bill to come up with a more original title. God has certainly blessed Bill O’Reilly, with an author Martin Dugard, a smart agent, and the ability to bullshit with the best of them.

Praise the Lord.

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Elon Musk Says That Driving Cars Should Be Outlawed, We Think Elon Musk Should Be Outlawed. Tesla/TSLA Drivers & Shareholders Lament, Rush’s Red Barchetta Wails.

March 17th, 2015 · Comments Off

Elon Musk only has to speak to confirm he is one of the worst CEO’s in history, the leader of a car company telling people that driving should be outlawed, I’m sure Tesla customers and shareholders are in pain today.

War69.com thinks a tech fascist like Elon Musk should be outlawed, oh only in a metaphorical way(sense) as this government financed billionaire will always have the freedom to put his foot in his mouth in our America.

Just read the comments on this website if you want to see the world that these tech fascist hipster nerds would love to create for you.

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Daring Fireball’s John Gruber Drinks the Apple Kool Aid, Compares Apple Watch/Iphone Tethering to Iphone/Mac Syncing

March 14th, 2015 · Comments Off

Why do grown men defend a company as if that company was a member of their family? Anyway now we have this bit of brilliance:

The Apple Watch’s current reliance upon a tethered iPhone is much like the way early iPhones required wired syncing to a Mac or PC for everything from music to contacts to calendars. Apple Watch will be an independent cloud client device eventually.

Apple Watch may or may not be a compelling device. The fact that it requires an iPhone companion will not determine that.

Is this even a thought that extends beyond grade school? Until the Apple Watch is a singular device there is no reason to consider buying it. You sync your music, videos, and contacts with your Iphone and then you can take it anywhere and have access to the internet, call anybody in the world, watch a movie, etc etc. No tethering involved, not even close.

Tim Cook lauds the Apple Watch Healthkit but brags about Apple Pay in over 100,000 Coca Cola/Coke Vending Machines, Irony and Obesity.

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Tim Cook Lauds The Apple Watch’s Health Features Then Announces Apple Pay is Accepted by over 40,000 Coca-Cola Vending Machines, ah Irony and Obesity, Time for a Johnny Ive Analogy.

March 10th, 2015 · Comments Off

Irony is lost on Tim/Johnny & The Apple Boys:

Tim Cook,“There are now hundreds of thousands of vending machines accepting Apple Pay, including more than 40,000 Coca-Cola vending machines.”

In addition it was hilarious to see Tim Cook laud Christy Turlington and note that she took time out of her busy schedule to graciously accept Apple’s invitation to speak about the Apple Watch.

Come on Tim, and miss all of that free publicity for her charity, gracious indeed. Apple could use a little grace.

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Kara Swisher on the Apple Watch: The Art Of Saying Nothing While Still Promoting Apple Inc. Apple Needs to Remember That Technology Should Disappear.

March 10th, 2015 · Comments Off

It sounds like Kara Swisher is learning from her business partner Walt Mossberg on how to say nothing while promoting Apple at the same time, God these two are so boring but then again that Tim Cook Apple Watch presentation was lifeless and formless, it was as if they knew they were promoting a waste of a trinket:

Kara Swisher, “If there is simple things to do on it I think it can be a huge hit, if not you know I think people will still buy it.”

Kara Swisher on the Apple Watch: The Art Of Saying Nothing While Still Promoting Apple Inc.

I think Johnny and the rest of the Apple boys are starting to believe their own sycophantic press.

Johnny needs to learn how to pronounce “aluminum” and stay close to Cook’s mantra:

Cook said, “We always thought that glasses were not a smart move, from a point of view that people would not really want to wear them. They were intrusive, instead of pushing technology to the background, as we’ve always believed.”

Technology needs to disappear. A gadget that needs a phone, that is more not less. An obsession with thinness that sacrifices battery life (Iphone 6) and ports (Macbook), that equals more charging and more headaches.

The laptop computer is the perfect expression of a device that almost disappears thanks to a highly responsive trackpad. Touchscreens remind you it is all about the device, an effective trackpad and keyboard allow you to forget about the device but now the Ive boys are messing up the two advantages Apple had over Windows and Android, a simple OS X that got out of your way and a trackpad that was both simple and responsive.

The Force Trackpad, once again making the use of a computer more complicated and more intrusive.

Remember the art of saying nothing:

After passing through the vestibule, Ive said, “I can’t emphasize enough: I think there’s something really very special about how practical we are. And you could, depending on your vantage point, describe it perhaps as old-school and traditional, or you could describe it as very effective.”

If only Apple had a leader that could call people on their bullshit.

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March 9th Apple Debuts Apple Watch, March 10th: Debut of Headline, “Apple Watch Stolen From Victim’s Wrist”.

March 8th, 2015 · Comments Off

With all of the psychotic price levels being discussed by the Apple obsessed tech blogs, you can bet the psychotic criminals are strategizing their methods of mugging as they seek to take part in Apple’s lucrative gadget business.

Remember one of the few good things about owning a smartphone/Iphone, you can keep it hidden in your pocket.

March 9th Apple Debuts Apple Watch, March 10th: Debut of Headline,

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Is the State Department’s Marie Harf Selling Used Cars or Selling Foreign Policy? Re: We’re Killing A Lot Of Them.

February 19th, 2015 · Comments Off

Why does Marie Harf affect the demeanor of a salesperson or a campaign spokesperson or a JV Squad cheerperson as she smiles and states:

Marie Harf, “We’re killing a lot of them and we are going to keep killing more of them.”

We’re selling a lot of them (cars) and we are going to keep selling more of them.

Question, would you buy a used car from Marie Harf?

Is the State Department's Marie Harf Selling Used Cars or Selling Foreign Policy? Re: We're Killing A Lot Of Them.

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